• Compliance with standard USB4 specification v1.0.
  • Supports USB4 Gen2 and Gen3 Speeds
  • Backward compatible with USB2.0/3.0/3.1/3.2
  • Supports error injection and correction
  • Supports USB Power Delivery v3.0 and Type-C v2.0.
  • Supports tunnelled traffic of PCIe, USB3, and DisplayPort
  • Supports Sleep and wake
  • Supports LFPS transmission and reception.
  • Supports Lane Initialisation, Lane Bonding and bypass mechanism.
  • Supports Skew/Deskew management.
  • Supports run-time controllable disable and disconnect mechanism
  • Supports all logical layer ordered sets like SLOS,TS1,TS2,CL1_REQ, CL1_ACK,etc.
  • Supports 64/66b, 128/132b encoding
  • Supports Scrambler/Descrambler in bypass mechanism.
  • Provides SSC and PPM support
  • Supports flow control Mechanisms.
  • Provides Enumerations and its bypass mechanism.
  • Supports hot plug and hot unplug events
  • Supports Retimers

Deliverables in Verification Environment & Test Suite:

  • Basic and Directed USB Protocol Tests
  • Regression & Performance Tests
  • Random Test
  • Error Scenario Tests
  • Assertions & Cover Point Tests
  • Supports USB/DP/PCIE Tunneling (Optional)