• Compliance with DSI-2 v1.1 with C-PHY up to 1.2
  • Supports D-PHY with 1 to 4 lanes for both Tx and Rx
  • Supports all commands
  • Supports Four virtual channels
  • Supports video mode with Burst and Non Bursts transmissions
  • Supports both Short and long packet structures
  • Supports high speed (HS) packets per transmission
  • 16/18/24/30/36 BPP RGB pixel formats in video mode
  • ECC, CRC generation and detection
  • Supports D-PHY with 1-4 data and 1 clock lane
  • DSC compression/decompression
  • High Speed, Escape Mode Transmission
  • Available BFM/Agents for both Tx and Rx, DSI2 Monitor and scoreboard

Deliverables in Verification Environment & Test Suite:

  • Directed Protocol Test cases
  • Regression Test Cases
  • Performance Test Cases
  • Error Test Cases
  • SV Constrained Random test cases
  • SV/UVM
  • Integration Guide