• Compliance with GDDR specification JESD205C
  • DDR and QDR data rate support
  • Memory densities (4Gb to 16Gb per channel)
  • Supports Power-Up Reset and Initialisation Sequences
  • All data rates (16Gbps/pin, 14Gbps/pin, 12Gbps/pin)
  • All commands & All mode registers
  • Supports RDQS and DQ preamble
  • CRC half and full rate support
  • WRITE Data mask function
  • Pseudo-channel mode (PC mode) configuration
  • Support PRBS

Deliverables in Verification Environment & Test Suite:

  • GDDR6 Protocol Timing Test cases
  • Directed & Random Test cases
  • Regression and Performance Tests
  • SV Constrained Random Testing
  • Assertions & Cover Point Tests
  • Built-in Coverage Analysis
  • Integration Guide
  • Documentation Guide
  • Compatible to Industry standard simulation tools
  • SV/UVM